Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran-song review

Right at the start I will say that I am not that much of a big fan of pop music and especially of Ed Sheeran. So take this review with a grain of salt.

Initially I did not plan to do this review but after seeing so many good things mentioned about this song I decided to check out this song and review it. So were they right?


Absolutely, this song is great on so many levels. From opening rhythm guitar that sounds like its taken from Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon to great Ed’s vocals, this song has a lot to offer. Bass line and rhythm guitar match very good. Chorus is great too and in that part Ed is showing how good singer he is. Bridge of the song serves as great build up for final chorus where goes full ham mode with his vocals. I have listened to this song more than 10 times and I have not found single thing that I do not like about it. This song is masterpiece, by far Ed’s best song.

Lyrically this is better version of 7 Years by Lukas Graham, but why is it so much better than 7 years?

First, Ed is much better and more charismatic singer. He has very good voice for this kind of songs. He understands what song needs and what kind of instrumentation to use. 7 Years was always something I despised so I am glad we got similar song that is actually very good

So let’s wrap this up. This song is absolutely fantastic in every was possible. That’s why this song gets 5/5 and definite recommendation.



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