And We Run by Within Temptation feat Xzibit-song review

I remember when I stumbled upon this song for the first time. I saw the title. I saw Xzibit and Within Temptation and I have said: “This cannot work.”, but I decided to check it out because I was always big fan of Within Temptation. So, is this song any good?


This song is not good, this song is absolutely fantastic. Xzibit’s opening line perfectly describes what I think about this song(“Damn”). Beautiful piano and electric guitar match perfectly. This song is another example of a song with fairly simple instrumentation. From guitars that play very simple power chords to easy drum beat. Simple instrumentation compliments Sharon and Xzibit because it gives them a lot of “space” which is very good for both of them especially for Sharon.


Going through Within Temptation discography I realized that their best songs are duets and this song definitely proves that. There is something about Sharon’s voice that it perfectly sounds when its paired with someone else.

Whole song builds up for chorus  where most of instruments stop playing and  Sharon gives one of her best vocal performances ever and Xzibit joins with pretty good rap verse which surprisingly works.

Sharon sounds better than ever. Remember, she was 40 years old when this was recorded and somehow her voice only got better. In the age when most of the singers are starting to lose their voice she is getting better. Even meme guy, I mean Xzibit has pretty good performance.

Now let’s talk about lyrics. Lyrics of this song are pretty ok but let’s be brutally honest nobody listens to Within Temptation because of their lyrics. If your song has pretty good instrumentation and great performers lyrics are very easy to ignore and that is the case with this song

Like I said in the beginning this song is absolutely fantastic and that’s why this song gets 5/5. Definitely check it out you will love it.






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