Snaga by Manntra

Now,finally I can talk about one of my favorite metal bands of all time, one of the bands that got me into metal, Manntra. I completely forgot about them(sorry guys), but then I was watching Zagrebački  Festival and they were performing this song so I decided to review it.


Firstly, let’s make little introduction. So, who is Manntra? Manntra is Croatian industrial metal band, but there is something that divides them from other industrial metal acts and that is their folk influences. More precise, their Croatian folk influences. My first encounter with Manntra was in 2013 when they released their song called “Kiša”.

They simply blew me away. From amazing production to great vocals this song is simply mesmerizing.

Now that is enough about their past. What Manntra has to offer now? Well, a lot of things actually. Just like “Kiša” “Snaga” is amazing. While “Kiša” is more aggressive “Snaga” is exact opposite. Acoustic guitar creates beautiful atmosphere. Backing vocals complement rest of the instrumental very good. Main vocals are really good too but if I could change something I would make them sound little bit more aggressive during the bridge. Their Zagrebački Festival performance would be great example. Singer is using raw more raspy side of his voice which I like a lot.

Like most of the songs this one also has its problem. Problem with this song are drums.In my opinion they do not fit the song at all. Easiest way to realize that is right in the first few seconds of the seconds and in the chorus. While drums in those parts of the song do not fit the song drums in the verses fit the song perfectly. They are fairly simple which is very good for this kind of a song.

Overall this is very good song and I will definitely recommend you to check it out. This song gets strong 3.5/5


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