Ghost-Popestar EP review

Vast majority of time that took me to write this review was spent on figuring out how to properly introduce this amazing band called Ghost. Every time it felt like its was not enough. How should I describe you their sound? Well, their sound is throwback to the 70’s when bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath were at their prime. Now you are probably wondering why I picked exact those two bands. Because Ghost is like mix of those two bands (Deep Purple and Black Sabbath) They have doominess of Black Sabbath which is incorporated with riffs that sound like they were taken from Blackmore’s “riff book” but that is enough about Ghost lets jump right into this thing called “Popestar


This EP has 5 songs and its 23 minutes long. One thing that surprised me a lot is songs that they picked. If you look at the titles without even listening you would assume that most of those songs are Christian songs which is funny when band like Ghost covers those songs. If I was asked to describe this EP in few words I would say catchy, moody and memorable.

EP opens up with the only Ghost original song “Square Hammer“. There is no much to say about lyrics of this song. Its standard Ghost stuff .”Satan this, Satan that” or “Devil this, Devil that“. There is clear reason why this EP is called “Popestar“. It has to be play on “Popstar” because “Square Hammer” is so god damn catchy. Its the catchiest song Ghost has ever written. I swear I wanted to pause the album but I could not because of this song. It opens up with nice piano riff which is followed with very groovy guitar part (Believe me it made me dance.). After “Square Hammer” we have probably the  best cover from this EP “Nocturnal Me“(originally by Echo and The Bunnymen). This cover is not that much different from original song. Every aspect of the original song is only bigger especially spooky element. I would describe it as Simon and Garfunkel becoming spooky. After that song we have “I Believe” (originally by Simian Mobile Disco). When I heard this original version of this song I was stunned what type of song Ghost decided to cover. They covered dance song (Yes you read it right. They covered dance song). If you do not know original you would think that “I Believe” is one of Ghost songs ( That could be said for every cover). This song has biggest shift in sound in whole EP.  Now we get to the track that surprised me the most “Missionary Man” (originally by Eurythmics)Why did it surprise me? Well, what Ghost did with this cover is that they made much more enjoyable and memorable. Original is really boring. If I had to cherry-pick “money money money ” part is really annoying. Next one is Bible (originally by Imperiet). What to say about this song? Well, there is nice contrast between verse and chorus. Its really relaxing. If you have not heard of Ghost you would think that this is one of Hillsong songs(worship songs)

Overall this EP is really good. if I had to choose best song it will be “Square Hammer“. I see why this song was not on “Meliora” but to be honest it deserved that spot. For worst song “Missionary man” gets the spot only because of that annoying part. I highly recommend this EP. Even if you are not metal or Ghost fan you will enjoy it a lot.




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