Hair (Glam) metal-Good or Bad?

Glam metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that became very popular during the 1980s. We all know what people think when you mention Glam metal. Epic solos, high note vocals, and hairspray. Tons of hairspray. Glam metal emerged on the scene during the 1980s as something really unexpected and fresh. Guys looking like girls with big hair and a tons of make up.


But was Glam metal any good?

Even though nowadays it is seen as one of the worst subgenres of heavy metal, Glam metal is not as bad as people think. From really good power ballads  like ‘Here I go again’ to legendary solos, like the solo from ‘Slave to the grind’, Glam metal had a lot to give. Of course, every genre of music has their bad songs but that is not so much the case with Glam. If we look at the grading system, most of the songs were rated 6/10; of course there are some songs that were total misses (I am looking at you Europe). If we did not have Glam we would not get a lot of really good and talented bands like Motley Crue and their albums such as ‘Dr. Feelgood’; Bon Jovi with ‘Slippery When Wet’, and so on. Glam metal bands gave us really good singers like David Coverdale, Sebastian Bach and Michael Sweet, as well as something that not many subgenres of metal were capable of doing: becoming somewhat mainstream. Many glam metal albums and singles hit the Hot 100/Top 200 in the Billboard charts and made heavy metal as a whole a part of mainstream music.

As with every genre of music Glam had its bad sides. The big problem with Glam metal was always the lyrics. Most Glam metal bands are thought of singing only about girls, drugs and sex. For example, earlier in this article I mentioned the Swedish band Europe and when you hear of Europe you immediately think of ‘Final Countdown’; though I am not talking about that song (actually ‘Final Countdown’ was fairly good); I am talking about an obnoxious thing called ‘Carrie’. That song is probably the worst that Europe has ever released. The song about some chick called Carrie. Can it get any more generic than that?

So was Glam metal any good? Yes, absolutely. If you still do not know why just read the article again.

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